The Whisper


I shouldn’t have to whisper

Of my tendencies, what they show

You see, I want to tell you out loud

When everyone is around


I shouldn’t have to whisper

That your god never was

She never saved a single soul

Yet you trust as if she might


He shouldn’t have to whisper

That he loves his best friend

Every time he turns him on

Around here, he cannot speak


She shouldn’t have to whisper

That her body is her own

Not a tool for legislation

Or for you to measure its tone


We shouldn’t have to whisper

But we always do

To save the feelings of others:

Those who hide just like us


Out of Step


You fell out of step


When fear took you over

Despite a perfect cadence

The one to take you down

The street everyone walks


You know, the crowd


Now you’re in a back alley

Dancing with less fortunate

The dirt and derelict souls

Too afraid to jump back in


When you emerge again

You’ll find your step

Back in the idiot parade

Where their fear reigns


Just like yours




I asked to see the far reaching

The borders of the heart and mind

Places where the light is muted

Every note of music attenuated


Our hands clasped tightly as one

You led me to the fringes of emotion

It was there I saw your intention

I saw the limits of love, the edge


This is a place you will not go

A space reserved for you and ego

With pride lighting your steps

I saw the limits of love, the edge


Since you were not there anymore

I felt my way through the fog

Wondering how love can end

Why you let me be here alone


Now it is so very clear

Someone taught me otherwise

There are no limits in love

Only where you refuse to go



If I betray my heart and mind

Ask for more and partake in it

I may become full and forget

You were the one who carried

The darkness, the guilt, the scars

Name me dumbfounded, deadened

For losing track of your love

Leaving us numb and stupid

Better off alone than with her


That ship launched and sank

Along with her perfume cloud

Her beaded necklace and charms

Of bone and sinew of lovers

Ones who ran or swam away

But left their souls open to steal

Bodies broken in her shipwreck

Nightmare memory renewed

If I betray my heart and mind

The Seed


A tiny seed fell that day

Between our tight embrace

The eternal one we love

A place no one else can go


The seed sprouted a leaf

And with a glance, we look

Away, ignored the growth

Until the leaves were three


The staring depth in our eyes

Life can wait for us to tire

Hold off until we’re sure

Of the beauty we behold


After years of this embrace

It became hard to see inside

Our eyes, into our world

Where are you now?


All I see is an aged tree

Pushing out all in its way

Sliding apart ‘til I can’t see

What kept my heart stilled









These April showers only portend

A drowning month of gray thunder

Flood water flows, slumbering pace

Clouds gathered like three blankets

Holding back the burning sun again


So, for the sake of May, I will wait

Close my ears to the gray thunder

Swim the floods, keeping the pace

Boil the clouds and burn their wool

Draw out the hot sun to dry my feet