Permanent Winter


Went out looking for inspiration

Found a cold, withering situation

The fires would not warm them

Snow piled high on their eyebrows

Closing their eyes to the emergency

Blinding them from seeing urgency


I began to sing a song of renewal

Began to see what they could not


The inspiration I sought was not

Warmth I needed was left wanting

The cold had sapped the movement

So, I called upon the sun to radiate

Melting the season’s snow to water

Washed away their permanent winter

The Universe

Six images that combine Chandra data with those from other telescopes.

The universe is a cannibal

Swallows its pulsar bombs

Pushes ever further away

Draws self-interest from us

One lane highway of karma

Zero gravity human kindness

The universe reflects our will

Like an indifferent shiny sun

Yet we believe there are stars

Walking among us as set apart

But if one is, we all must be

Since every one will shine

Only to be eaten by others

Who are furthest from Earth

Dream of Love


As I grew, my mind drew a picture

Of what love might appear to be

She would be just right, never wrong

Looking to her own heart for direction

Only needing mine for her own keeping

Strong unless weak, I might be of use

Since she will be my wild columbine

Able to withstand my inner drought

For when I grow cold for a season

Yes, she is perfect in all her fault




When the world crumbled around me

I knew the dust would settle once again

If only I could wait long enough to breathe

But the dust never settled, and I knew

That the world was fine, even thriving

I realized the truth after some time

Nothing had crumbled or changed

It was me who crumbled like wet sand

Razed to the earth by my natural disaster

Preserved by everything around me

The wreckage was complete by my hand

Now it’s hard to tell the difference

Between my own ability and theirs’

If I can raze my entire world alone

Imagine if everyone played along

I could not be blamed for the fires

The miscreant’s Molotov dreams

And the politician’s soothing cream

No, it wasn’t me this time for sure