Big Hill


I built this camp years ago

To live away, separate

Big Hill stands to the East

Suspending sunrise

The valley floor sprawls West


Once on a clear morning

I saw smoke rising behind Big Hill

My eyes were drawn each morning

Day after day my curiosity festered

I set out to find the source


Atop Big Hill, I could not find one ember

Only gray-white smoke for many miles

A ghost fire like the end

The end of their world, creeping in

Slowly coupling me to the rest


The flames held off for many days

Until the smoke took an apricot hue

My eyes told me I could feel the heat

Big Hill would soon be consumed

And my camp will begin to melt


It was then I took the hike

To find reason, discernment

For why the East had burned

One conscious link

To everything I had forsaken


On Big Hill, I found the source

The inferno caused by one man

Fanned into chaos by more

As far East as my eyes would allow

Then I knew my solitude had come to its end



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